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Originally Posted by White Rabbit View Post
Hi Dave, or any one else that may be able answer.

I have at STF8300m as well and I notice that in your step by step guide that you say to enter 60 into the over scan region on the driver page yet your image of the driver settings has a value of 30. Then as I was reading down the thread you mention that you entered 30 for a 2x2 binning.
Does this mean that you need to change the overscan region every time you bin and un bin?

The overscan region is a fixed size so it will "shrink" proportionally when you bin. So, yes, you will need to modify the driver settings when you change binning if you want to use the whole overscan region.

You could leave the setting at 30 which would work binned x2 or unbinned. Whether you would lose anything by using only half the overscan region in unbinned mode I don't know. You'd need to do some data analysis to find out. It's probably worth doing some work to check the results anyway. I did quite a few integrations with and without overscan calibration before I was convinced it was always worth doing on my camera. The nice thing is that if you have the overscan data you can always ignore it and do conventional calibration.

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