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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Good catch Suavi. I had a similar first asteroid experience with the larger Vesta in May. Not using any pixel algorithms, it initially appeared as a registration anomaly between filter layers. All those named small bodies have some sort of orbital motion.
I suppose this is how comets used to be discovered, by folks eye balling film plates.
I initially thought it was a bunch of hot pixels...

Originally Posted by sil View Post
Pretty awesome to be able to find and identify small chunks of rock out there. Amazing what we can do with fairly modest consumer level tools. Are you going to try to collect more now? Or plan to try to recapture this one later on ?
At this stage I am continuing with my 'pretty picture' of the Lobster nebula, but in the future I will look into chasing some interesting asteroids.

Originally Posted by markas View Post
Nice catch!

(Would you believe, last year I got 2 on the one target! One was easily identified as 7 Iris, but the other took a lot of tracking down: it was a 66km wide asteroid with an orbital period of ~87 years......)

Two in one target that's a nice catch for sure

66km is quite small too...

Originally Posted by theodog View Post
The night Sauvi lost his asteroidal virginity. He will remember it for the rest of his life.

Nice image and follow-up Suavi, well done.

Of course he will. Soon it will consume his hobby, leaving little time for those artistic interpretations and sudo-scientific images. This is real data collection, and who knows maybe one day you might save the earth.

Oh, its all to moving.

I'm off to confirm some myself.
It certainly got my attention and planted a seed of curiosity in my brain that will not go away
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