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Meade DSI II Pro drivers - weird installation

Just received a DSI II Pro (monochrome with the LRGB filter set, but that doesn't affect my question). I'll be running it through my Acer Aspire One netbook which doesn't have a CD ROM, so can't install the software that came with the camera directly. I could copy the CD to a flash drive and install from there, but knowing that the software that was on the CD was outdated anyway, I downloaded the latest from Meade website - AutoStar Suite 5 and Envisage 7.05 IIRC. I assumed one of those contained all the necessary drivers, and some reading later it appears that Envisage does have the drivers.

Loaded both of those, plugged in the camera to a USB port, and the WinXP found new hardware dialog pops up as though the drivers aren't there or found. Did a manual search for the drivers in the C:/progfiles/meade/envisage/drivers path (or whatever it is) and it found them and appeared to install them ok.

With the DSI plugged into that same USB port I could now connect to it and use PHD guiding etc.

But if I plugged the camera into a different USB port, I had to go through the driver installation process again. The netbook has 3 USB ports so I had to install the drivers 3 times.

This didn't seem normal, but...

So now it's working for all USB ports, but another "issue" is that the little green USB device icon that appears in the WinXP system tray (the one you click to "remove device safely") for more generic devices like flash drives etc appears whenever the camera is connected. Do you do the "safe remove" thing or just unplug it? Never had to do this before for webcams (incl Toucam).

This also doesn't seem normal, or at least not the same as most USB devices behave if the drivers are installed properly. Anyone else found this?
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