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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Getting your annual Corona virus jab I expect will be like getting a Tetanus booster
...something you really should keep on top of.

BTW...My GP described Tetanus as being able to give you muscle spasms severe enough to snap bones.

Didn't sound like fun.

Funny how few doubt the wisdom of getting jabbed against this and other "old world" diseases such as Polio, Small Pox, etc...yet take exception to Astra/Pfizer/Moderna jabs.
And how many people are actually vaccinated against old world diseases? these shots were recommended to travelers but never mandated like the COVID Vaccine. Never has there been a mistrust of Governments and organizations as we are seeing today .. just look at the US. Everything is a conspiracy today. People would rather follow unverified information on social media and suspect websites than what is presented by Government agencies.

Government poor wishy washy presentation of information hasn't helped. I am still confused about when to go for the Booster shot.

A bit of history.. I remember when we deployed troops to the Middle East as part of Gulf War 1 (Desert Storm of Desert Shield). Some serving Defence members had to be sent back home for refusing the Anthrax vaccination.
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