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Originally Posted by John W View Post
Thanks Peter, All finalist images were great.

My understanding is that there is no way to tell if someone has used a calibration tool on a single image ? Not many competitions require its use.
John W.
Unlike daylight photography, astrophotography usually involves large swathes of “dark” space.

Yet many objects have faint structures within these dark areas. Some skill is required to reveal
this information in an eye pleasing manner, which if overly darkened, simply because your monitor is too bright,
will be invisible to others when viewed on a different (read: calibrated) monitor.

There is no requirement for entrants to use calibrated monitors….as was touched on earlier you don’t need to don spikes to run the 100m either…
but for the cost of an average quality eyepiece, do you want to post your best effort or not?

I use both calibrated Mac 5k and Windows 4k monitors while judging to ensure what I was looking at was being presented in a consistent
and accurate manner.

P.S. Winning entries now viewable on line here:

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