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Dark sky sites in Gladstone

Hi Matt and Tye and others.

I'm aware this is an old post but I've just got back into photography and built a bard-door tracker for my Nikon D3400 and found an app to control long timed shots.

I've been to Pikes Crossing on the Awoonga Dam road and it is pretty good for dark skies.

Also behind the Crematorium at Boyne Island is not as creepy as it sounds and pretty dark for some light painting and milky way shots.

I've even got some reasonable shots of the milky way from my backyard at Tannum and we've got a street light out the front.

If anyone wants the details of the tracker, drop me a line. Works perfectly for 120 seconds shots with no star trails. Slight trails at 180 seconds so I've got to tweak the speed a little for longer shots but 120 seconds work out well.
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