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Originally Posted by N1 View Post
Hi Paul, the Skyguider is a fantastic piece of kit, but will be limited by too small a tripod unless that is very rigid and either weighty by itself, or able to be weighed down easily. This is less because of its tracking performance but for the fact that once you have the mount polar aligned, you obviously don't want anything to move when you go to your target, but unfortunately that happens very easily. The Dec "axis" is one of the mount's few weak points IMHO, as well as its AltAz base, both of which are flimsy and really need to be upgraded (William Optics have a solution to this) to use the mount to its full potential. The stock tripod is a little unergonomic but isn't actually too bad performance wise.
Thanks Mirko,
Glad to benefit from your experience. It sounds like the stock tripod is the way to go. Thanks for saving me from a $250 mistake.
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