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Hi everyone. Thanks for your responses. Had a look through the 14" this evening during a break in the clouds. Couldn't find a thing to start with, till I realised that that the red dot finder was badly misaligned. I haven't got a proper finder yet. All seems good, just need to fiddle with the collimation I think. In the cold light of day I don't see how I can fit the monster in the back of a Corolla even if I disassemble it. I still intend to come up, even if its only with the C6 and a pair of 100mm binos, neither of which have ever seen dark skies. Thanks for all the advice on what I need to bring. Are there any essentials that are so logical that you don't even mention it, like toilet paper and such. I don't want to get caught out, even if it is only for one night. See everyone on Friday. Thanks again, Michael.
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