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Hi all. I'm a newbie, I have never even posted on any forum before, so forgive me if I say something stupid, or waffle on. I've dabbled with astronomy since the 60's, always solo, but now I' semi-retired I have started to get more involved again. I bought a C6 last year and love it, but almost immediately got aperture fever. I have 99% completed a 14" f7.2 truss dob that has yet to see starlight. I picked up an old recoated mirror that seems good. I may have wasted my money, but early indications are that it is ok. I thought that this weekend at Bretti might be a good time to try it out. As you can guess, it is a bit of a monster and transporting it ( + a ladder ) might be a bit of a problem as I only have a Corolla. If I can make it, do you have any advice on what to bring as I have never been free camping before, just a powered site in a caravan park. I know, what a wuss. Any way, I'm happy to listen to any advice you can give, if I can make it, probably just for Friday night. Thanks for your patience.
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