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Data Use With Printers Connected by Wi Fi ??

Hi Guys,

I have had many Printers over my life time and all to date have been used with a USB Cable connected to a Computer.

These days one can connect either using the supplied USB cable or connect using Wi Fi.

I have never used Wi Fi connections before in this way, I am probably from the old school and not sure how that all works.

I intend to buy a new Canon IP100 Portable Printer, it is very good from what i understand and very portable and can be used on Battery Power as well.

It is a unit that can be connected by Wi Fi from any device, not that i have many devices.

However the question is this, If I use it connected with WiFi do I use my Internet data allowance to print anything.

Say I wanted to print 100 6x4 photos, which i do regularly, would that use a fair chunk of my Data, as i only use Pre Paid Internet Allowance.

Many Thanks and looking forward to any response.

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