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A few checklist items -
1/ Have you confirmed that PHD2 is actually connected to your mount ( Check in Device Manager ) Also confirm you have downloaded all the latest software both Ascom and PHD2
2/ Are all your settings correctly entered in each section of the Brain ( in particular, the correct guide camera details )
3/ Are you Calibrated ?
4/ Have you set up a Bad pixel map or Dark Library ?
5/ Have you set your guide camera exposure for say 2 sec
6/Is you guide scope focused
7/ I assume your pulse guiding ( direct from laptop to camera) Which is the preferred method , not ST4 guiding (guide camera to mount )
8/ Preferred cabling is from Laptop direct to camera with a USB2 or USB3 cable ( no hubs )
9/ Iím assuming your not using a ZWOASI120MM USB2 guide camera ?? If so , sell it and buy a later model ZWOASI120MM-S USB3 Guide Camera.USB2 Camera has an inherent problem and intermittently disconnects

There are many more items to check but start with the above first and see how you go


Hope others can offer some good advice as well
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