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Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
So you find extreme aversion to people dying in great numbers odd... interesting thought process I must say...
First up, we are all going to die.

No point in getting hysterical about this.
It comes with your birthright.
I'd also say: " Do not go gentle into that good night..." I digress.

The leading causes of death in Australia:
Ischaemic heart diseases (about 20,000 per annum)
Dementia, including Alzheimer disease
Cerebrovascular diseases
Malignant neoplasm of trachea, bronchus and lung
Chronic lower respiratory diseases
Malignant neoplasm of colon, sigmoid, rectum and anus
Malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue
Diseases of the urinary system
Malignant neoplasm of prostate
Heart failure and complications and ill-defined heart disease
Influenza and pneumonia (source ABS)

I note the last on the list has killed about 3200 of us last year.
None of the above have caused a massive and costly intervention by the state.

So far COVID-19... a virus with no regard for co-morbidity... has killed 55 individuals with some serious pre-existing health conditions.
But as I write, in Australia, just slipping, tripping or tumbling has been more hazardous, killing 715 people last year.

Hence my stance is these numbers require some perspective and review.

Overseas the stats are far more sobering: the Australian State was right to be cautious.

For the large part, the sheer lack of COVID19 cases (compared to everything else) and deaths in Australia has been due to extensive quarantine restrictions.

Bravo Scomo!

But we are also in the antipodes, acted early, do what we are told (I ponder the effect of starting as a penal colony ), have universal healthcare and a reasonably egalitarian social structure....

Of the 6000 Australians who have caught this bug (to date) , 3000 have already recovered (about 98% will) , and could go back into society and economy, work and contribute with negligible fear of re-infection.
A credit-card sized piece of plastic might certify that antibody status, but a letter from your GP would work too......sadly, our "leaders" are not doing much "leading" in that department.
To cut to the chase: apart from the freedom of movement/association restrictions (some sensible, some not) the ruination of many workers, their families, their livelihoods, homes, business institutions and corporations for the sake of "you might get sick, and very few of you might die " due to (shock-horror) cause A, when in all likelihood (boring) cause B will actually kill, you really needs to be looked at.

I hope the above clarifies my position.