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Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
And the reason we are in the fortunate state we are in Peter is because of the 'risk aversion' that you proclaim to be weird!!
Don't misquote me. "extreme" risk aversion is what I find odd.

Originally Posted by Outcast View Post

Also, in too many instances people, particularly young people are asymptomatic so, can unwittingly transmit the disease to others who DIE...
I'd be in that "risk" group. That said, almost everyone who has died of this this in Oz ...just two per million of population ...has a co-morbidity.

You can hide in a cave, but I see no unreasonable risk in taking a coastal walk, drive though a national park, looking through a 'scope in the middle of no-where, etc.

These harmless activities, but are now illegal for no good reason.

Originally Posted by Outcast View Post

Whilst I don't disagree that some of the regulations seem a little draconian & somewhat vague, leaving interpretation on whether or not you should recieve a fine solely in the hands of the police officer that pulls you over sadly, some peoples behaviour has clearly illustrated the need for such sweeping restrictions.
Guess that's where we will have to disagree. "some people" is not "all people" .

This is lazy draconian legislation. Sure, it helped the reduce case numbers in Oz remarkably low levels, but the reasonableness of many measures needs reviewing.