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Originally Posted by Noddy View Post
I'd read the instructions at the beginning. It doesn't say the photo must be taken by yourself. Sorry if I offended anyone. I'll ******** and leave you to have your own fun!!
It is highly unlikely that you have offended anyone, certainly not me and Iím sure not RB who asked an honest question. Like you, I havenít read the guidelines; didnít even know that there were any!

Purely by chance, it seems that I assumed that photos had to be taken by the poster Ė purely by chance you didnít, but no harm was done or intended by anyone.

So, donít go away for the wrong reason. Get that camera out and letís see your stuff Ė it could be quite interesting given the previous photos you posted? It would be a real shame if you missed the daily fun at IIS, and equally well we may miss your talent, so pause a while before you go.


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