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Glad you have decided to dabble in planetary imaging and you can only improve from these initial test images
Essentially “lucky imaging” using video files AVI or other types is the only way to image the Mars , Jupiter and Saturn. The Moon still works well with “Lucky Imaging” particularly at high resolution but sometimes you can snag a good image of the moon in wider field with a single image if conditions are stable

Focal Ratios for Lunar and Planetary Imaging are super important

General rule of thumb to determine the “best focal ratio” of your image train for Lunar and Planetary imaging is -
Poor night of seeing 3.5 x pixel size of your camera
Average night of seeing 5 x pixel size of your camera
Good night of seeing 7 x pixel size of your camera

I use my old Canon 600D and Televue Powermates in my newts to achieve suitable focal lengths ( anywhere from f15 to f30 ) I use BYEOS in planetary mode for my planetary imaging. I’m happy with results I achieve with my DSLR and Powermates and haven’t bothered to advance with planetary equipment. I tend to spend more money on DSO imaging

Some stacking and processing software which are popular worldwide and produce great planetary images are Autostakkert 3 and Registax 6 and both are a free download

There’s plenty of folk to assist in this area of our hobby

Some images attached of my planetary work last year with the DSLR

Good luck and enjoy this great form of Astro imaging

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