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Great work in researching James Dunlop
My son lived in Dunlop St Parramatta for 5 years and we often took the grandkids to Parramatta Park where his observatory was located
Yes a lot of information is sketchy about Dunlop including the exact location of his observatory which was supposedly constructed mainly with timber.
He was assumed to buried in St Paulís Anglican Church grounds at Kincumber on the Central Coast as his headstone is there
I donít think he was given the accolades he deserved for work identifying many objects in our southern skies, be they accurate or not so accurate.The night skies around Parramatta in the early 1800ís would have been Bortle 1 and pristine but his telescopes optics would have been quite poor
He died at the age of 54 which in those times was a reasonable age

Well done !!
Thanks for posting
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