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Takahashi FC-76D/FC-100DC/FS-78 reducer-flattener

Absolutely brand new Takahashi reducer-flattener for the new FC-76D, FC-100DC and the older FS-78 (and others with similar focal length with adapters) - I trialed this on a Tak FOA-60 and it worked perfectly - flat field, operating at f/6.4 (vs f/8.8 native)

Part# TKA 18580. Fits the FC-76DC/DS, FS-78 and FC-100DC directly (plus as you can see above, mostly any scope in the 800mm FL range). I will include a custom adapter that goes directly from the reducer to M42/T-thread without the need for more Tak bits and pieces (needs to be blackened and/or anodised)

YES, YOU CAN USE IT VISUALLY! So many people immediately assume imaging only. No, as you can see in the diagrammes, visually as well.

Brand new: $630 Aus WITHOUT shipping WHEN IN STOCK (that's from Claude or from Peter Tan in HK).

My price is (UPDATED 15 Oct 2021) $300 POSTED EXPRESS/CERTIFIED.
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