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I've been a ' listener ' for many years .... I owned several receivers ...Kenwood R5000 and the Kenwood R2000 + Kenwood R1000 + a Drake SPR4 loaded with all crystal.

All sets were connect to an AOR7000A external Antenna ....sometimes a 1/2 Wave 50ft Long Wire.

Often heard VK2 / VK3 / VK4 / VK5 Stations at times...a lot of the time the discussions revolved around what sort of Rigs they are running / Weather and general chat.

My best ' pick up ' was a US Military Station on 268.245MHz USB... a chat about a General was arriving next day.

Then it was 2 independent stations ( still US Military ) trying to contact each other ...1 call sign was' Loin ' and the other 'Jaguar ' speaking about a Mechanic coming to fix some ' Heilo's '

I did some ' digging ' and found out this was a US Military Team in Laos ....who were over there ' looking ' for MIA Graves of lost Serviceman during the Vietnam War.

Talking to the locals who often still go into the Jungles on walks and if they had ' stumbled ' on any items discovered / the location it was found...' dog Tags ' etc.

They try to find ' closure ' for families who don't no what happened to their Fathers / or Sons.....they are still doing it to this day.......this account I heard about 15 to 18 years ago.


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