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My First week Back

So l finally dusted off the AR127L to see how much damage was done when the OTA slid out of the dove tail on the EXOS2 mount and hit the deck.
I did get a foot under it but it still snapped the star diagonal off, broke the finder scope mount screwed to the OTA and put a dint in the dew shield.
A lot has changed since then, mostly for the better I'm happy to share.

I'd bought some EP's from a Sydney shop in the past and they were very helpfull so l gave them a call and bought a GSO 2"dielectric star diagonal which is still in transit to me.
Got the finder scope mount base on it's way also, then l can see if l did any internal misalignment damage, I'm reasonably confident l didn't.

Got the EXOS2 mount and tripod out today, hosed off the dust and grime and gave it a good wipe down.
I had never gotten around to seeing how this thing actually worked with regards to polar alignment so l spent two nights on googlefoo and YouTube and again today really figuring it out.
Not 100% there yet but hopefully I'll do the daytime set up tomorrow ready for nightfall and check through the built in allignment scope to see how l went if the clouds permit.
What else happened today?
Bought a planisphere, dug out my compass, installed an inclinometer on my phone, got the bino's out and saw Venus, Jupiter and moons, possible identified the left side of the coffin OPHIUCHUS and Alpha Scorpio which was bright and red.
Now l have a big backyard which l can build a pier in, l just may do that, but not before l have a good look through my scope to find the best position in my yard.
I have a great SW sky view and N view also, but from different parts of the 300sqm yard.
Now l have another excuse to cut down that pesky 30yr old mango tree which is right in the middle. Turpentine mango's and that's exactly what they taste like.
Thanks for reading.
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