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Im not familiar with the Baadar but with my Tele Vue Bino Vue, I follow their guidelines. see

I use the 2 4x Powermate fitted with the Tele Vue T- ring adaptor screwed to the bottom of the Bino Vue replacing the 1.25 2x amplifier. I get an amplification factor of 4.3x this way.

There is no issue with the small diameter field lens of the 4x Powermate since the high magnification factor only requires a smaller field stop. In mono mode I have used a 35mm Panoptic with 4x Paracorr with superb results although it did cause me balance issues on my Dob at lower altitudes.

With a combination of a Powermates (and Tele Vue T-ring adaptors) I can get a range of powers using pairs 24 and 19mm Panoptics and 16mm T5 Naglers.
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