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Higher powered Bino EP's?

Hi all,

I've just jumped into the world of binoviewing with a Baader Mark V paired with TV 24mm panoptics for widest FoV, but now I'm trying to decide whether I should get a couple of higher powered EP's for viewing of planets.

One option would be to just use powermates to get me there, but given a similar final magnification, is there much difference between using a 4x powermate with 24mm panoptics, or simply using the Baader 1.7x glasspath corrector/paracorr with an 11mm Delite or Plossl?

I notice the field stop on the 4x PM is kinda small -maybe that's a factor?

And if a second pair of shorter focal length EP's is better, Would I be better to just buy a second XW10, or a new pair of Delite 11mm, or Plossl 11's?


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