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I had a look at your Rosette, itís superb, plenty of depth
Iíll process some NB with my Rosette data but Iíd need double the amount of data since Iím using a OSC to get anywhere near that amount of depth in the image
PS I havenít imaged down here since late October last year ( busy up in Sydney)
Nice to see some dark skies again

Thanks too
Yeh I just squeezed most of it in the frame
My 6Ē f6 newt in Sydney frames it better though
When I first started AP I was advised by a guy whoís been in the hobby for 40+ years , donít buy an f4 imaging newt , it will frustrate you to no end
So I went f5 and took his advice and Iím glad I did. The 8Ē f5 newt is an superb and versatile scope ( DSO and Planetary) easy to collimate ( I hardly check it as it stays collimated ) east to focus and plenty of punch
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