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It is a similar chip, but also very different as Jason mentioned. the Orion is Interlaced, where as the QHY8 is progressive scan. the Orion's cooling is somewhat less effective than the QHY8, however its power consumption is much lower too...

I have had both, results wise, the QHY8 images are slightly less noisy.. I never used darks with the QHY8, with the Orion I use between 3 and 5 dark frames. I find the results as far as colour response and signal to be comparable, if not exactly the same...

The Orion is louder, as it uses a smaller fan... Its also quite a bit bigger in physical size too..

All in all, for most intents and purposes, the Orion and the QHY8 are much the same...

Yes I think you would see a marked improvement over DSLR imaging if you bought either the QHY8 or the Orion SS Pro V2

I've run up to 30 minute exposures with both cameras and found neither to exhibit any artefacts or defects as a result...

Best of luck with your decision!

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