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Mare Serenitatis, aka Sea of Serenity.

The most noticeable feature is the crater Posidonius on the northeast rim of the mare. Mare Serenitatis connects with Mare Tranquillitatis to the southeast and borders Mare Vaporum to the southwest.

A mass concentration (mascon), or gravitational high, was identified in the centre of Mare Serenitatis from Doppler tracking of the five Lunar Orbiter spacecraft in 1968. The mascon was confirmed and mapped at higher resolution with later orbiters such as Lunar Prospector and GRAIL.

Both Luna 21 and Apollo 17 landed near the eastern border of Mare Serenitatis, in the area of the Montes Taurus range. Apollo 17 landed specifically in the Taurus-Littrow valley, and Luna 21 landed in Le Monnier crater.

The next photo should show "random patterns"


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