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It's the end of the astro season for us in Sweden, I maneged to take a last photo with my new setup with the Pentax 645 300 mm lens. That was good for me, I need motivation. I have struggled with this new system over 5 years, most problem with the Raspberry to get it to controll it.

This is the first astroimage with the new setup, are you curoius of how an 35 year old lens catch the stars ?

Very light polluted environment from my balcony, Bortle 9, but look at the shape of the stars at the corners of the full size photo, it's a full frame camera sensor.

Next thing to get to work is the dithering process, that will eliminate the hot pixels you see in the background. And then a suited battery and I can take it out to dark places, but that will not be until the next winter season.

I want to keep it below 25 kg included the HEQ5, lenses, computers and a battery that can handle 10+ hours.

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