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Yes, the four base socket head bolts need to be slightly loosened to allow the upper section to rotate when the AZ bolts are adjusted. Failure to slacken off those bolts could actually lead to stripping of the AZ bolts hole, although I have yet to hear of anyone doing that. Do not over loosen them, just enough so you can turn the nylon washers under the bolt. Do not forget to tighten the base bolts up when you finish that step.

And yes, the Alt adjustment, side mounted lock knobs need to be backed off slightly to allow the Alt adjustment knob to work. I haven't looked at my manual that came with my CGX in years, but I am pretty sure this was covered.

Be aware that whatever scope you have mounted on the CGX is going to influence the force required to move the mount, and it is important in my experience that you have the load balanced. Mine is on a pier so I do not align it anymore, but the initial alignment was done with a light scope used in the saddle, as my polar alignment scope.

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