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Help wanted to purchase an ASP-C OSC

I am having some difficulty selecting the camera to purchase.

Currently looking at the following APS-C camera models.

1. QHY 168C
2. QHY 247C
3. QHY 268C
4. ASI 2600MC

Whatever camera I purchase I don't want to experience amp glow or dewing problems. From the published specifications I am tending towards the QHY 168C. My selection is based on pixel size , QE , read noise and full well. I am concerned I may be missing some thing as this is the cheapest camera in the above list and I haven't been able to find any independent reviews of the QHY 168C and QHY 247C to back up my selection.

Any comments are welcome and especially so if you already image with one of the above cameras.

Cheers Rob
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