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Also have a look at the SDRplay products including the impressive SDRuno software that is used with their hardware. I havenít got one myself but am contemplating the RSPdx or RSPduo, the latter having twin tuners and the former having better performance on long wave, both have multiple antenna inputs. There is also the RSP1A single tuner, single antenna unit.

I havenít invested in any and did start off looking at the USB dongle type but Iíve watched a few videos on the SDRplay products and they just look superior (at a higher price of course). I like the twin tuner version for listening to aircraft on voice on one channel and ACARS (with MuiliPSK decoding software) on another channel. Probably can be done with other receivers though but the videos from SDRplay were impressive.

I only mention it in case you were not aware of their products. Also if buying read their Fake product warning. They do sell direct online.

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