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Copernican sunset

Hooray! A sketch, the first for the year!!

Not without drama though. Got up at 2am, went outside and clear. Got the tripod out to set up, damned clouded over in just 2 minutes I was back inside, . Looked again an hour later, and would you believe it, crystal clear! Better than earlier. I did still end up playing "spot the gap in the clouds", but I got a sketch done.

Copernicus eastern rim was right on the terminator this morning as the sun sets on it. I was amazed at the level of terracing that could be seen in the its eastern internal walls. The northern boundary of its ray system showed a capilary network of fine ridges and cravases that were revealed by the shallow angle of the incident light. And a dazzaling amount of tiny, tiny craters that pot mark the entire Moonscape. I was also surprised to see that the internal walls of the crater Reinhold (the crater in the top left of the sketch) was also very terraced.

The amount of detail on offer had me feel like I was in a bottle and being rattled around - so much of it! I loved it.

I hope you enjoy it too.

Object: Crater Copernicus
Scope: Celestron C5, 5" SCT
Gear: 6mm TMB type II, 208X
Date: 17th Jan. 2012
Location: Sydney, Oz.
Media: White pastel and charcoal pencils on A5 size black paper
Time: about 1hr
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