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You can use the EOS Utility to set up a sequence using the Remote Timer shooting. Click on the icon with the stopwatch on it. Set the number of shots you want to take, the bulb exposure and the interval. Note, if your bulb exposure is 5 minutes, set your interval to 5:10 which will allow 10 seconds for the image to download to the PC (or save to the card).

There's a couple of very clever guys on this forum who have written their own software for controlling EOS cameras. One of the programs is called APT (Astro Photography Tool) and another one is BackyardEOS. Check out the software and computers sub-forum for links. Both of those will allow you to program multiple sets of exposures of differing lengths, etc.

Myself, I prefer to keep things as simple as possible and just shoot RAW with the EOS Utility, using Digital Photo Professional for chimping.

I process my images in IRIS and it does its own conversion from CR2 to its proprietory PIC format.

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