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Thanks again all.

I see that I was unwittingly setting myself up to do multi-panel mosaic shots!

All of your sound advice has been taken in...but clearly there are differing opinions about covering the lens with a filter - I guess the reality is that they are not terribly expensive to add.

I will go off and price up some of these lenses you mention and I hadnt looked to see what I can rent in the low fl range.

I appreciate all the advice thus far.

Next question:
I kind of noticed that the quality of the images, when captured in RAW format (using the EOS utility) and then importing into Photoshop via the Canon DPP utility was somewhat better than acquiring via Maxim.

Maxim only gives you the option to capture in RAW Mono or RAW Colour, and I understand RAW Mono is better for dark subtraction. However, the image size is massively less than the .CR2 format coming off the camera. Indeed, Maxim saves them as FITS files.

have you found this? What procedure do you use to capture your lights?

At least you can set up a sequence in Maxim, I have not found that yet in the EOS utility.

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