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Gary - I think its Marco that uses a Pentax EDIF lens, which are hard to get I understand but absolute pristine for astrophotography. I also understand its impossible to get a Pentax lens to CCD camera adapter, but Pentax Lens to Canon adapters are readily available.

Hi Martin,

Ashley at Precise Parts can make one of these. I have already talked to him.

He wants one of those Canon to Pentax adapters and he will machine it or attach it to another adapter that fits the FLI Filterwheel.

I have purchased several Pentax lenses for use with my Proline 16803.
I have the non-ED 300mm F4 67 lens, 105mm and 165mm.

The Pentax 67 300mm EDIF F4 is rare and I haven't even been able to find one for sale. The 400mm F4 ED - there was one available on Ebay but it was expensive - about US$2800 or more.

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