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Originally Posted by Robbie View Post
Good effort,
What scope was used? FOV is good tracking seems good,
Try a few exposures 3 mins to 5mins with the same set up and I would say the results would be excellent.
If this shot was an experiment, well done
No scope used, just max zoom through the default lens of the Canon S5IS.
I mounted the camera on top of my real scope, just for the tracking.

Yes, longer exposures would be great. I only finished building my observatory recently and my polar alignment still needs some work. I found that I still get some drift if I expose more than 2mins when fully zoomed in with the S5IS. Easy to fix though, I just need some clear nights... Fortunately the weather seems to have improved here, finally

Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Nice one rolf. Good focus and framing. Bit noisy but nothing more data can't fix.
Thanks Yes there's lots of noise still. I will take more frames and see what happens. And will get that polar axis aligned.

I'm really only playing around with this basic Canon cam as something different until I buy a proper CCD next year. Thinking of the SBIG ST8300M or a QHY9/QHY11, both look like excellent options.
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