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Looking at the chart I have ... I'd *guess* it's too close but it doesn't really fit that model given... except that the centre is pretty well spot on. I also note the guiding graph is very choppy even though it is well within what is a good alignment ... there may be a clue in that but stuffed if I know. You have PHD2 version 2.6.9 which should have the multi star guiding ability, if you turn that on it may well make your guiding even better.

Save yourself a lot of grief and invest in SharpCap pro or one of the polar alignment cameras and align that way. I struggled for a while with aligning on an NEQ6 (still haven't worked out why I can't get it to work through the handset, but I've moved on!) and was convinced to stump for SharCap Pro ... and all my alignment worries just disappeared. One a good night (in Melbourne that's very rare!) I can get 10 minute exposures with no trailing.... and if I can do that, anyone can !

On the upside, you are producing great images pretty well off the bat, we are already at the final tuning stage. Took me ages to get to that point.
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