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Originally Posted by The_bluester View Post
The "Fishbowl" effect is commonly spacing. Which scope was that Orion shot with? The ED80 I assume given the field of view? Do you have a flattener/reducer on it?

Assuming the ED80 and a flattener or reducer/flattener, it looks like the camera might be spaced too far from it.
Errr! I was told to add more spacing!!! I went from no spacers, to 5mm then on this Orion image I went to 10mm

All images I have posted are with my Celeston C8 (non HD) with reducer, T-Adaptor (all celestron) on my Nikon D80

my first image without any spacers can be found in the below thread. The difference here is no guiding and using my evo mount on a wedge.
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