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Locating tripod

When I used a tripod I did not use pavers. I set the tripod up level and correctly oriented. I then used 3 300 mm long half inch steel water
pipe pieces as follows.

Sink the pipe that will receive the south leg until it just protrudes from the ground and put the conical tip of you tripod south leg in it, Sink the pipe to receive the east leg and leave plenty protruding. Use a spirit level to check N/S level and sink the NE pipe until it holds the tripod N/S level.

Repeat the operation for the north west leg until the E/W is level.
Place your tripod tips in the pipes and if any residual leveling is required ad just the legs.Then LOCK the legs to the final lengths.

This makes for very accurate tripod placement, if you can leave the mount in place with a towel over it and a plastic bag over the lot
setting up is very easy, (mark the Dec balance point).

BTW As many others do I use Sharpcap's Polar align routine, quick ,easy and accurate.

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