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Hey All,

Some valuable feedback… Thank you so much for your time.

Its good to know my guiding numbers are ok considering… this is what I wanted to know before I started playing around.

I did use the auto select guide star to try and understand what PHD2 would like as a guide star. Also note my guider scope and guide camera were not 100% focused (was too excited). Not sure if that caused what you have highlighted with the SNR numbers.

In regard to polar aligning my mount, I just did a 3 star align, then ran the Alignment through the hand controller on Siris (it was close to Zenith). No polar scope ☹ Next time after my Polar Alignment I will do a 3 star and Polar Alignment again to zero in more and choose a star instead of HC default.

With my stacking in DSS – I was lazy and just pick the last 50 odd of 170 as the moon was up high and images were over exposed and yeah, there were light clouds around.

Some else commented on another image of mine and said check your backspacing. I was using my 8” SCT with the celestron reducer/flattener -> Celestron T adaptor -> T-Ring-> DSLR. The first night I added an extra 5mm spacer between the T Adaptor and T-Ring and I found the stars to be the same… You be the judge. Going by the spec on my camera I’m within 1-2mm of the required backspacing for the reducer.

Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Attached is some PHD2 guiding information I put together a while back which may be of some assistance
Martin – Thank you very much for the Docs, I'll spend a little time reading up as I’m now on holidays on the south coast with both my scopes (I have a good wife )

Originally Posted by AdamJL View Post
I don't know what's wrong with the guiding, but that's a fine image
Thank you very much. I too though it was ok for first attempt on new equipment and guiding
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