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Guiding numbers look OK, under an arc sec in both Dec and Ra
Your guide Star has an unusually high SNR at 107 ( itís a wonder itís not saturated, most guide stars are usually around 20 to 50 SNR
Did you use the auto select guide Star in tools or did you manually select a guide Star , itís best to let PHD2 to find your guide Star
Next time your out try the guiding assistant , it will measure how your mount is performing and give you an approximate polar alignment error. Your polar alignment could be way out ??
How did you polar align and what was your error ?
Did you calibrate near the celestial equator and within 20 degrees of the north meridian, this is the preferred location as advised by PHD2 as it allows for a good calibration when Dec is near 0
Early days yet but you have a few things to check in your PHD2 guiding before you can look at your scope and image train and get to the bottom why your stars are eggy or flared with fairly good guiding numbers
Hope some others can chime in too and provide help
Good luck !!
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