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First Attempt at Guiding

Hey All,

My new NEQ6 mount come in 2 days ago and I was eager to get out and use it. My first night/time I was able to polar align and everything worked like a dream. love this mount and can see how owners like it.

On the 2nd night I decided to give guiding a shot for the first time. Hooked up my ASI462 and NEQ6 to PHD2 (took 30mins to setup with ASCOM drivers). I left everything as default in PHD2 and away I went. I was very surprised at how easy the whole process was to get started considering I have never owned a SW EQ mount and guided before.

I took a photo at the end of my 4hr session (finished at 4am) of how my mount/guiding has been performing.

Can someone translate to me on how it performed and where I could improved? Due tot he moon being out last night I was only able to get 90sec exposures

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