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Design , development , testing and operational performance of Starship is the exciting part of the journey
The rest is a given ( by most )
I was lucky enough ( older enough) to witness the latter part of Project Apollo (Apollo 7 to 17 ) as a young kid and teenager via my parents black and white PYE TV , newspapers ( I cut out everything on Apollo and glued it in a scrap book ) and my Aunt (my Dads older sister ) worked for the Apollo contractor Rockwell Corp in Los Angeles as was a PA for one of the Administrators (she would send me all sorts of stuff on Apollo ( model rocket kits , magazines, photos , souvenirs etc.. ) I have a unmarked postage stamp of Apollo 8 she sent me ( donít know what itís worth nowadays )
Ah... what an exciting time in our lives , feels like itís all happening again but with much bigger goals , Semi permanency on the Moon and a Mars shot with future habitation
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