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star colours

I'm using the KAF8300 chip with Baader 36mm LRGB filters and am finding it very difficult to get decent colour on stars, they're all mostly white.
I check individual RGB subs in maxim and they're all above 65k which is why I'm guessing they're white, but in images taken by others, the stars have very strong blue, yellow or orange colours.
I downloaded a few images taken by Mike and others and split them into RGB, and they've got very low values like 300.
The intensity is around 15k, whereas mine is an extremely high value, even with short subs.

Does this have to do with filters, exposure length of RGB, or the chip?

I get good colours in nebulae and galaxies and did a G2V measurement with CCDAP to get a ratio of 1.32:1:1.19
even if I use that when combining, I hardly get any colours with stars.
The Astrodon filters claim to be matched to the 8300 chip and the Astronomik filters claim true colour representation or 1:1:1 ratios. would this make a difference?
what am I missing?
anyone had similar experience with the 8300 chip and Baader LRGB?

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