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Thanks Marc, rain is not often a problem out here, that said have had showers the last couple of days.

Thanks Dave. WinJUPOS is a powerful tool. There are several different ways to do polar maps. With Saturn I use the polar maps to allow me to get accurate measurements for the vertices of the polar hex. I have a very long term project to accurately measure the rotation rate of the Hex relative to L3. Also the polar maps actually reveal quite well the low contrast structure within the EZ also the AV which I have tracked since it formed in Jan 2010 is easier to identify. the Sat file in WinJUPOS.
Accurately align the outline frame, I use "With grid" (30 degrees).
Save the IMS file.
Check "Analysis" > Map computation.
I set "Map width" to 616 pixels.
Check "Sterographic polar projection"
Check "Planetographic"
Check "North up"
Compile map, then I look at the map, I want the ring shadow to be horizontal across the bottom of the map so keep adjusting the L3 at the left margin until I am happy with the orientation of the map.
Good luck with it.

Thanks Peter, Saturn is my specialty I have currently 6844 data sets on the PVOL data base, the spit would be 2/3 Saturn 1/3 Jupiter.
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