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Saturn Oct 11th 2021

Hi All,

Imaged Saturn October 11th 2021 targeting a CM transit of the 2010 GWS AV, seeing was variable with the best of it being good. Have well resolved the AV in the 685nm IR data also resolved in the R data and although quite faint it is also seen in RGB.
I measure the AV to be at approx Lat+41.7 L3 298.7. The 2021 HST OPAL data, as was also the case in 2020, resolved a series of ripples impinging up into the Southern edge of the NNTeB,one such ripple is resolved in these data at approx Lat+47.2 L3 269.7.
The North polar vortex and vertices of the polar hexagon are well resolved in the polar maps, particularly so in RGB data. Have a significant volume of data from this session, all has been uploaded to PVOL.

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