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Originally Posted by glend View Post
As far as newts are concerned, the GSO is going to give you the best mirror, their quality in that area is well known. I would go with two mounts, don't tie all your imaging activity up on one mount if you can avoid it. I would forget The 6", minimum should be the 8" as an all rounder. A 10" can be handled fine in an NEQ6 mount for imaging load. I generally prefer an f5 Newt, simply because they are easier to collimate correctly and you get longer focal length than an f4 for not much more exposure time.
I bought 6" for the plan of buying second one, but maybe now i will change my plans again, i already have 8" F/5 before, and i was asking if i should get 10" f/4 or 8" F/5, 10" is slightly bigger scope so more light gathering, and F4 means faster, but i don't know if collimation is a headache, my 6" is F/4, and i am very much deciding to buy the best collimator i can find in market, i will buy once for ALL Newts i can buy, so i will make sure i won't have any issue collimating reflectors even down to f2 if necessary.

I am thinking about buying a package of a scope with a mount, so this way i will have two mounts and two scope hopefully the same and by then i can do dual imaging even better, i may do dual imaging with two scopes together on one mount if they are smaller scopes, i will give it a try anyway, but until that is done i will keep my I's and mind about second mount/scope idea/plan.
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