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Originally Posted by doppler View Post
Hi Tareq, I guess from the lack of response no one has gone the two largish scopes on the single mount route here. Most would opt for two separate mounts. I have tried with 2 smaller scopes but found it was really hard to get them both aligned on the same target.

The weight of 2 x 6" f4 scopes would be well within payload capacities of a EQ6 mount, my setup (NEQ6pro + 10" f4.7) is about 18kgs and gets good guiding graphs, well below 1" RMS at 1200mm FL. Sometimes you need to just try it for yourself and see. There are a few images on the net of dual systems, here is a setup with a bit of weight on top(from the net, not mine).
I ordered one small scope, a refractor, and i will try to search for the next one second, and i am not sure about aligning, but someone told me that it doesn't have to be, not necessary perfect align, just i should make the FOV as much close to each other with the main target there in both, then software can handle it and i crop little around, in fact i also crop even if i use one scope anyway, so i wasn't really trying to make both scopes matching exactly 100% anyway, and that is why i wanted wide field scopes so i can have room around and i can crop.

I still don't want to risk about using 2x 6" F4 on my EQ6 mount even if it is possible, i feel either balancing will have issues or tracking quality, and with both i won't have good long exposures then, so i will decide to buy another mount even cheap, and i was thinking about one mount that is included with a scope as a kit or package, so in this case i will have second mount and second scope, and then i can play a lot with both.
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