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Second Newtonian option, which one?


I am planning to get a second Newt for dual imaging in future, and i have two choices, one i can make it sooner and the other i can make it later, i can afford any soon anyway, but one will need me to spend again more to get a mount, and one Newt smaller i can't be sure which i am still into it these days, but the other two options are no way with current mount for both, so that i can delay for later but i have to think about it from now and see all possibilities and stores.

The options are the following:
  1. Orion 8" F/4.9 Newtonian [cheap without much accessories]
  2. Any cheapest 10" F/4[F/3.9] so it will give me FL = 1000mm
  3. Second GSO F/4 next to my first [this i still think about now for very soon urgent dual imaging system, but i won't rush if it won't].

I will get budget soon which i will put part of it for planetary scope [already decided], and will make a part for this future plan, i can buy any above options in price range of $300-400, but i don't know if buying now and leave it stored just in case any price changes and discontinued as it happens a lot and also to check out about accessories by the time stored, i can always buy now and use later in 1 year, i have budgets now or soon that i can't tell at all when it will be gone and i no longer can afford anything later or say i will need very long time to save again, so i better finish my plans very quick, i don't mind to buy now and not using it, i tested my 2 current Newt scopes i have and both are fine with one test each, so i am confident to buy more, galaxies will be back later, and clusters are also all around, i don't want to wait until next year to ask about it and i don't have time to decide and buy, so i will make it now.

With 8" and 10" scopes i will have to buy another mount, and next year i have two options also, either a strong expensive one so i can place two larger scopes two 8" or 8" and 10", or small cheaper affordable one but enough to handle either 10" or 8" at least cheaper than my AZ-EQ6, but in both cases the purchase of second scope is fixed, so i like to discuss it in advance to see what i can do sooner or later.

Thank you.
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