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Originally Posted by ElScruffo View Post
Hey everyone.

How's the weather up there at Bretti Reserve? I'm considering coming up for the night in my van and doing some star gazing. No moon = bonus!

I'm looking into upgrading my current beginner telescope, and would be great to have a chat to some like minded people and gain some experience.

From Newcastle, so Bretti isn't too far from me.

Who do I look out for?

I own a grey Ford Transit Custom van


Matty There is no internet or mobile phone coverage at Bretti, or at least that has been the situation on past trips, so I doubt they will see your post unless someone drives into Gloucester to go to the shops and checks then.
As far as what to look out for, read the posts below which discuss the camping location. Basically go down the back of the Reserve, you will see the scopes. Good luck.

PS, for weather forecast check the Bureau Gloucester forecast.
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