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Originally Posted by dikman View Post
U-bolts are a good idea, much simpler than swaging and can be moved if needed. Condensation is a real issue in higher/colder climates, my two small sheds suffer from it on cold clear nights and I have to keep covers over my lathe and sewing machines to stop them getting dripped on!!

Would having a small fan inside to circulate the air work? Shouldn't use much power.
After today's effort I certainly agree with you re U bolts.

After my earlier post I actually found the timber I needed and after much thinking started after lunch convinced I had thought everything thru, I went with screws, as I had some, I would like bolts but probably over kill.

Anyways I now have one side working, I had my daughter push on the side without a winch for balance and it works really terrific.

In the photos you will notice there are only a few turn on the drum which so far seems to be ok but I thought start small ... The cable going thru the leader box I placed outside of where you would be expect to see it to keep the cable on that looks wrong but there is a good reason for that approach.

I will add something to put tension on the cable so I don't have to adjust it if it stretches as I expect it must and that system will keep appropriate tension in the cable to not slip on the drum.

I can't do more today, well I could but probably no point in pushing myself although everything is right to go on the other side all that I need do is thread the cable and screw the winch to the floor. The pulleys are screwed down already.

Moving the accumulated items temporarily stored is the main deterent.

Other than that have not done anything..oh I did assemble a little wheel barrow and moved a bit of soil to test it... I got the two wheel oldies one causeI can wheel it and still use a walking stick...

Looking at the observatory today I think I will line it and if possible make it as close to "air tight" as possible which means vermin proof etc but even if I get it air tight everything will still have covers...tied at the the bush the mice like warm places and so do snakes who will come in after mice...

I may put in a heated floor using 19 mm Polly pipe and a solar collector I have the pipe and building a collector is not a big deal . ..but at least a couple of fans, a heater and a dehumidifier...the fans run via just a panel, I have two in the van, the heater can run when the Genny is on..give it some load as I don't like running it to just take off 10 amps to charge the batteries...and you run the Genny when it's wet and cloudy so not a problem..the dehumidifier via its own panel and battery plus run it when the Genny is going. Summer bring up cooler air from under which should work ok but maybe a little cool only air conditioner for killer hot days..

So it seems I will have a decent wait after I order whatever I order so I probably will set up the old eq6 and get a feel for the best lay out find what works what doesn't.

All good but next two days no astronomy so hopefully finish the motorisation totally on Wednesday or after.
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