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Put the winches together which although very simple was a time consuming process.
Checked both with a battery and was able to remove the cable and happily there is plenty to do the job. Dug out the swagging tool but now have to sourse the little things that it works on...clamp thingys..what are they called?

Worked out how to mount the winches and so excited to get on with it woke up at 3 am but could not find any 2 x 3 hardwood upon which I want to mount the winches so I have to wait until a reasonable time to go up to the house as there is plenty there.

My only concern is if the long power cord from the genny is too long as I don't want to have to lift the genny up into the roll off as for me that is a major effort requiring setting up the endless chain winch, but well if I have to...or tomorrow buy a decent cordless drill..I have two but they will not manage drilling steel.

I will be occupied elsewhere until Wednesday so I really want to get most of it done today..I just hope the drill works on the long lead as I usually plug it straight into the genny.

I measured the desks and it is touch and go and I won't know until the winch is set up as the cables may get in the way of where the desks are to go.

I have emailed re the Ioptron mount but still have not decided for sure..I flip between thinking built in guiding is a good idea or not , also I have a Pole master so that feature is not needed..but I will look at the prices for both models so I am a little better informed.

Moisture is going to be a real issue as the inside of the roof yesterday was dripping..there is a lot of open space between the roof and the walls which I need address...that's why the desks will be in like their own cupboard.

I will get a dehumidifier...I have some solar panels that are 36 volt from a grid set up and I think they could charge a 24 volt battery, not sure, but I think it is worth while giving the dehumidifier it's own power in effect .. Anyways shilling thinking about power solutions, I tend to have various set I have one that only runs the lights another for the fridge another to charge batteries for the observatory...The winches won't need much so they will get a d old 100 amp I will bring up from Sydney that has an old solar panel..the winches draw heaps but not for all that long..

The big problem the roll off seems to have become a storage area and that has got out of hand.,.piers are finished but no work on the fact I am thinking not to do anything there but run a tripod to get a feel for how high to make it.

Anyways I think I will put on my head lamp and see what I can do out there..gather up the rubbish and tools from yesterday's effort so as to have an uncluttered work area.
Make a list of things to buy tomorrow...might have to skip swagging so probably will use U bolts and ask my shipwright mate to post me the real deal. It's almost 5 am time to get up anyway.

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