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It's square well both are but with the small one which has eight wheels each side it goes to the side and then it rubs and gets hard so you push the other side..and I expect that is what is happening with the big one...both just start to rub against the section that guides them...I need to look at it which strangely I haven't done in the context of a real good investigation...I have been more interested in adding pads to the piers ...and burning as much fuel as possible to minimize the fire much to do ...I mentioned a tree fell on my fire pump so I had to get it pull ed from under the tree disconnect all the pipes that took me ages to set up so the earth mover can get the rest of the tree out of the dam..all that was a major set Dad passing left me flat, then the virus I found on top demotivating..and I have not been able to see if the pump still should...Anyways I am getting there, soon I won't have to come to Sydney..I lose three days a month driving and up to double that in recovery time..those trips knock me around you know..where eve4 I arrive I need time to set up again..and that is just stocking food opening of closing stuff and the astro gear I take out of the observatory, break down put so much time is wasted...the only reason I have not made a decent observatory is I did not even know where I would finally live..I can not go back to the old place because of you know why and I cant live in the house I got for the girls...and the neat shack is high on the hill so I struck it off after the main house was hit by lightning..I have been hit once and I did not enjoy it...but I can see light at the end of the half my months go on everything but astronomy but soon I will be full time like in the old days.
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